Master Craftsman

Master Craftsman Requirements

  1. Candidates must have held the Master Beekeeper rank for at least two years and kept bees at least five years. Additionally, the candidate must be a Texas registered beekeeper or a registered beekeeper in their home state.
  2. Candidates must have 15 credits of public service work beyond those required for a Master Beekeeper. “Extra” public service credits obtained while certifying for the Advanced level and/or the Master Beekeeper level cannot be applied to the 15 total public service credits needed to achieve Master Craftsman status.
  3. Candidates must satisfy five (5) additional credits toward their major (for a total of eight (8) credits toward major – three [3] credits were completed in the Master Beekeeper level). If a student changes his major, he must satisfy eight (8) total credits toward new major unless previously acquired credits overlap with new major. Extra credits obtained while certifying for the Master Beekeeper level can be applied to the eight total major credits needed to achieve Master Craftsman status.
  4. Candidates must demonstrate expertise in eight (8) additional core credits outside their major and beyond that required for a Master Beekeeper.
  5. Candidates must demonstrate and document communication skills (Appendix C of the Program Requirements document).
  6. Candidates must pass an oral examination. The candidate is tested by at least three individuals from the Master Beekeeper program board. The candidate will be tested on one specific area of his or her choice (major) as well as general knowledge about honey bees and beekeeping. Additionally, the candidate must present a 30 minute PowerPoint presentation to the program board. The presentation topic will be assigned by the program board. Please contact a member of the program board before preparing for the presentation.
  7. Candidates must participate substantially in a Texas A&M University (or other university), Texas Apiary Inspection Service, or USDA sponsored research or extension project. Please contact the Texas Master Beekeeper Program board when considering a research or extension project.

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